Peel – Niarbyl – Port Erin – The Sound and the Calf of Man

Went for an early swim and instead of having breakfast in the campervan we strolled into town to the Harbour Lights caff. One of us had the “Over The Mountain” full works and the other had kippers. I’ll leave you to guess who had which 🙂 The breakfast was mahoosive and I won’t need lunch today…

Chilled morning sat around the van catching up on a bit of social media. Here in the Isle of Man we use my phone as a hotspot. It is left plugged in to one of the USB ports in Jade.

Jade is our fourth campervan and one of the learnings we have applied is that you can’t have too many USB ports. This campervan has two double 240v sockets, each with a pair of USB ports. Ok they only work when you are connected to an electric hookup but it is always best to hire a pitch that has this. You can still do “wild camping” and just rely on the leisure battery but you ain‘t going to be able to plug in your hair dryer, for example. When the fridge unit goes in next week we will look to including an USB port with that that works off the leisure battery.

The campsite is deserted as all the bikers have gone off to watch the races. Today our plan is to head South and take some pics of campervan Jade with some scenic backgrounds. Niarbyl, Port Erin and The Sound. We will be watching some more racing as the week progresses.

As for the rest of the day, I bought some books, we had a cuppa at the cafe at the Sound looking out over the Calf of Man and an ice cream back in Peel. tonight we have a table booked at the Creek for dinner at 6.30pm.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking – will post in groups based on location. If you need a lunch stop off we can recommend the cafe at Niarbyl and the Cosy Nook cafe near the lighthouse at the end of the prom in Port Erin. Also Davisons Manx Ice Cream is by far the best you will ever taste, anywhere. They have an ice cream parlour on the prom in Peel.