Peel Hill

After a quiet start to the day we walked up Peel Hill

The campsite is quiet. It is a non race day at the IoM TT races and most people are off doing touristy bits. I’m sat outside the campervan tapping away and enjoying the Manx sunshine.

This has been a great trip so far for learning about our new campervan Jade. Little things like on the second day we bought an adapter so that we could keep the coolbox plugged in to the electricity inside the awning when we drive off for the day.

Campervan Jade being a 1973 Westfalia conversion is almost identical to campervan Ruby of 1974 vintage. There are lots of little differences but fridge wise Ruby has had the original insulated coolbox space (not by any means a fridge – we are talking 1960s/70s tech here) replaced with a 12v mini fridge in the same compartment. These newer fridges are much more efficient. 

Campervan Jade still  has the original cool box setup but is getting a replacement. We are currently trying to decide whether to get a “fridge” or a good quality coolbox. The benefit of the latter is that you can easily  take it out and leave it in the awning as already described.

I’ll keep you posted about this 🙂 Probs.

In the afternoon we left the campervan behind and walked to Corrin’s Folly at the top of Peel Hill. It took less than an hour from campsite to the top of the hill and you get fantastic views from up there.

Descending the hill we had a cup of tea and a crab bap at the Breakwater Cafe looking down at the boats coming in and out of the harbour. The number of nationalities represented by the bikers milling around the cafe was really noticeable. The TT races are a truly international festival. On one occasion Anne got into conversation with a German guy, in German. Good at languages is our Anne 🙂

At around 5pm we strolled to the Peveril pub on the quayside for a beer out on the terrace, moved on to The Miller’s T’Ale for another before heading back to the campsite to light up the BBQ.

Whilst we were cooking we had a visit from a couple of friendly rozzers who had spotted the campervan and came over to check it out. It’s amazing how the cool factor of the vans attracts people. As we drive through the site people whip their phones out to take photos.

It was a really good day and we were out like a light at not much later than 9pm. A tired Tref and Anne, helped by the hill climb, the beers, and the wine with the BBQ. Well we are on a campervan test trip and it is important to simulate real world conditions 🙂

Anne & Tref on top of Peel Hill
view from top of Peel Hill