Taking children

campervan awning

This, as you might imagine is a very busy time for us at Anne’s Vans with lots of folk looking for a UK getaway for obvious Covid19 reasons. This being the case we have been getting enquiries from families with questions relating to child seats.

Our vans have normal 3 point seat belts in the front – for driver and passenger. There are no airbags. Betty has two forward facing lap seat belts in the back and Bertie has 3. If carrying children that need to sit in a child seat then please ensure that the child seat works with lap belts. Ruby has three seatbelts in the rear including one lap belt and two three point belts.

Betty sleeps two. Bertie will sleep two adult and two small kids. The bunk in the pop top is 1.8m long and 0.5m at its widest tapering to 0.4m. The hammock over the front seats is 1.4m long. Ruby will sleep two adults in the bed and two small kids in the pop top. As a guideline if the kids are older than primary age then they will almost certainly be too big for inside the van and should go in the awning.

The vans are supercool but not massively spacious inside. This is fine if there are only two of you but would be quite cramped if the weather forced you to stay inside the whole time. If the weather is nice then you will live outside anyway, just like when camping. Also of there are more than two of you and you want to use the inside bunks then you have to think about where you might want to put your luggage. Our bags are normally thrown into the front but if you are using the child hammock then that makes life a little more inconvenient.

When we take a van out we take an awning. The awning is massively useful as expansion space and we leave stuff in it that would otherwise have to be stored in the van. The awnings sleep two adults very cosily in an inner compartment. If there are just two of us we don’t bother putting up the inner compartment and just use it as space.
If you want to take children in Betty then you definitely need the awning.
That’s it for now – public announcement over 🙂