CO2 Offset

Anne’s Vans takes sustainability seriously. Our vans use fossil fuels and because they are vintage vehicles there is no practical prospect of them ever becoming electric powered. We have calculated that the average hire releases around 110KG of CO2 into the atmosphere, maybe more maybe less. In order to compensate for this we have undertaken to plant 25 trees for every hire we have. 25 trees offsets 0.5 tonnes (500kg) of CO2.

Because we think our customers are like minded people we also now offer you the opportunity to plant trees when you book a hire. You can do this during the checkout process when you hire a van. For each clump of 25 trees you plant (again that’s 0.5 tonnes) we will publish your name as the donor (if you are shy you can tell us you would prefer not to have your name made public – we will be in touch before we do anyway)

Our forest is planted and sustained by a terrific company called Ecologi. If you check that link you can see how many trees we have planted so far and also plant trees yourselves if you prefer/choose to do it that way.

Three campervans near the woods
When renting one of our vans, you can choose to plant trees to offset carbon emissions.

Sustainable 100% Organic Cotton Clothing

Anne’s Vans Originals, the freshest camper-van clothing label, also cares massively about sustainability. Our range is made up of 100% organic cotton. It’s certified by the Global Organic Trading Standard (GOTS). As a result, all our products are natural and sustainable.

Check out our latest designs in our Annes Vans Originals shop.