Peel Day

purple helmets at Peel Day

Mad Sunday yesterday. The day where the mountain road part of the TT course is made one way and the fans all get to emulate the racers around the course. We’ve always stayed clear 🙂

Mad Sunday is also Peel Day with lots of festivities on the promenade so we decided to leave the campervan parked up in the campsite and stroll into town. The highlight of this particular day is the comedy motorcycle display team the “Purple Helmets” preceded by  motorcycle stunt man Steve Colley. The event was particularly poignant for the Purple Helmets as they are stopping the show after 26 years.

We eased into the day with avocado on toast with egg and bacon and a cafetiere of coffee. I also finished off the milk we had been given by our farming friend Chris Conder when we stayed with her before catching the boat across. Full fat unpasteurised and fresh from the farm. Can’t beat it. I had to toast the sourdough “by hand” on  the stove in the van as we don’t have such luxuries as a toaster 🙂

The Purple Helmets were hilarious and totally not politically correct. The whole afternoon went according to plan. The point at which we came out onto the prom happened to be the best place to stand to watch the display. 

Afterwards we took a chance on finding a table at our favourite cafe the Harbour Lights. The minute we walked in a couple got in and left leaving us a table. Result! Especially when you consider there were thousands of people milling around outside. A scone and banana milkshake later we strolled along to the back room of the Creek Inn to watch the Wales v Ukraine footie match.

The same happened here. We found the one empty table in the perfect spot near the telly and were able to watch the game in comfort. Got the right result, being Welsh, although we were very aware that most of the world will have been supporting the Ukrainians.

Finally we mosied along to meet some friends at the Royal India curry house. I had the foresight to book in advance as they were turning lots of people away. Funny how you always fancy a curry after a few sherberts.

Back to the campsite we crashed out and were asleep within seconds. All in all a good Peel Day out on our campervan adventure.

purple helmets peel day
purple helmets at peel day
steve colley at peel day
steve colley at peel day
bagpipes on the prom during Peel day
bagpipes on the prom during Peel Day