Happy New Year from Anne’s Vans

Hiya folks. It is January and freezing cold. A far cry from the campervan season. Our vans are all tucked away warmly, ish, indoors. We have been having one or two bits done. A new clutch for campervan Jade. Stuff like that.

We will start getting them properly ready for the season towards the end of March and will be opening up for business in mid April. Already taking bookings though and some people have bagsied a week here and a week there in one van or other.

Now is not a bad time to start thinking about this. Weekend breaks away in the summer. Festivals, weddings even. We get a lot of wedding hires, some of which we only find out about when people come to pick up the van. Good though.

We have four campervans for hire. If a crowd of you wanted to go somewhere for a fun trip away why not consider hiring all of them. Imagine how cool it would be turning up at a campsite in convoy 🙂

Anyway just thought I’d get the first post up for 2024. Stay warm and we look forward to seeing you in the season ahead.

Happy New Year