VW campervan Ruby gets new interior

measureing up for new vw campervan seat upholstery

Ruby is getting a fresh new look with brand new made to measure VW campervan upholstery from J&S Upholstery.

Bit of a road trip today to Doncaster with Dave (Coops) our mechanic. Actually it was Adwick Le Street not Donny itself and we were visiting J&S Upholstery. Joanne at J&S is a class act when it comes to upholstery for air cooled VW campervans and it was a real pleasure to be able to spend some time with someone as knowledgeable as her in this space.

We spent a good hour there chatting about vw campervan upholstery. Jo is giving campervan Ruby a makeover. Ruby is, as I’m sure you are well aware, a beautiful burgundy coloured van and probably of all our vans has the layout we like the most.

Ruby was converted in the Westfalia workshops in Germany and still has much of her original interior in place. When we bought ruby we decided at the time to get her an interior makeover but events overtook us and before we knew the season had started.

This winter with more time to plan, Ruby is now getting that makeover. The front seats are being stripped down and the metalwork redone. The seat were definitely starting to show wear. They will also have some welding repairs done to the springs, new padding and a brand new colour scheme that keeps to the colour theme but makes for a lighter environment inside the van.

The featured image is of Coops sat with Joanne discussing the finer points of campervan upholstery.

Joanne and her husband have a really fantastic 1960s splitty that adheres perfectly to the original including a lovely green coat of paint. The image below is of the interior showing the original toilet. These were little more than buckets and this is the first time we have seen one like this (we must get out more).

Sticking strictly to the original design means no electric hookup and no leisure battery. Joanne and her husband get as far as Germany in their van.

VW campervan Ruby will be all ready for the new season when we open up on April 1st. April bookings are already well ahead of last year which is good, innit 🙂 If you are looking for an adventure in a supercool campervan you know where to look.