VW Campervan seen on Christmas Day at Lincoln Park Run

Campervan on Christmas Day. Anne did a park run with our son Tom on Christmas Day. Boultham Park, Lincoln. None of the rest of the family could be persuaded to go. We were very proud of them and had a hearty family breakfast on their return.

Amazingly they spotted a lovely blue VW campervan parked up near the park run and decided that Anne should have her photo taken with it. Even more amazingly the blue matched her running gear.

Whoever took their van out on Christmas Day would come from hardy stock. Heating wasn’t invented when they made the VW campervans. They are air cooled not air heated especially when it is near to zero degrees Celsius out 🙂 

When we bought Campervan Bertie, our second van,we had to go to the other side of Chester to pick him up. It was just before Christmas and I well remember the lady of the house horse fed us with delicious homemade sausage rolls before we set off home. I was in a comfortable climate controlled car and was headed Liverpool to meet Anne.

Dave the mechanic drove Bertie back to Lincoln. The poor lad had to stop every now and again to defrost his hands.He hadn’t brought gloves with him and the weather was freezing.

The photo is of Anne and Tom wearing their Santa hats in front of the campervan. We won’t say who won. It’s all about taking part.

I’ve thrown in a photo of this campervan Christmas Tree decoration as it seemed appropriate. It’s one of my faves

We don’t hire our vans out over the winter but the new season will soon be upon us and bookings are already doing well for Spring. If, like many others, are thinking of a bit of a campervan adventure in the UK this year then a campervan is the ideal vehicle to get you there.

vw campervan tree dec