RHD VW campervan seen in Portugal

campervan portugal

T Reg RHD Bay seen in Portugal

Whenever us Davieses go on holiday we are always looking out for VW campervans to take pictures of. The last one was when Tref went on business to Los Angeles and saw a couple at a surf school in Venice Beach.

On this occasion is kid number 3 Joe. Joe has just finished his uni exams and treated himself to a week of R&R with his 6 housemates in Portimao in Portugal. They have a villa with a pool – sheer luxury but at only £200 each plus flights a great bargain.

Joe had nipped out to the local grocery store to buy some essential supplies – beer, wine, port, a loaf of bread and some tomatoes – you know the kind of thing. On his way back he spotted this fine looking blue T reg right hand drive VW bay campervan. Just like our campervan Bertie but a slightly different colour and he didn’t get to see the interior. Bertie is luxurious obvs.

Quick as a flash Joe took this photo and posted it to the family Facebook group. Well done that lad. That’s the result of an expensive university education for you. We are off up to Newcastle for Joe’s graduation but not in the campervan. Staying in a hotel in the middle of town fwiw.
Our campervans are likely to be in use by customers anyway (hooray 🙂 )

We have often thought of driving to the continent in one of our vans. Portugal is a fair old crack mind you although Betty went to German and France last year so it isn’t out of the question. It’s just that the summer is a very busy time for us, what with the campervan rental season and getting ready for our music festival JoeFest. Busy busy busy.

Anyway I just wanted to show you the blue campervan as spotted by Joe in Portugal, on his hols. Thanks Joe. Come back and see us soon now…

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