VW Campervan goes to Bridlington

vwcampervan t2 blue

Blue bay Bertie Bridlington bound

We had waved Bertie off an hour or so earlier and were just driving along when we spotted him parked up. He was off to Bridlington for the weekend and the weather looked perfect for it. The hirer picked him up at lunchtime and was headed away after work.

Bridlington is, according to Google, an hour and forty minutes away from Lincoln up the A15 and over the Humber Bridge. Perfect for a weekend getaway. We stopped there once ourselves en route to Whitby.
The East Coast is great for weekends away in a campervan. Plenty of opportunities for a couple of beers and a fish and chip supper. That’s how we roll:)

The beauty of going away in a campervan is not having to put up the tent when you get there. It’s also pretty cool rocking up somewhere in one of our classic VW’s. Heads turn.

The campervan life is somewhere in between camping and a motorhome. We sort of like the idea of a motorhome but it is too close to being a caravan and we aren’t caravanners. We are tenters who have moved up 🙂 Of course you can take an awning which is especially useful if you are going to be in one spot for any length of time but if you are touring it’s a bit more of a faff having to erect it every time you get somewhere.

Bridlington is such an easy run you probably wouldn’t bother stopping off en route but one of the great things about a campervan is the ability to pull up in a car park at a beach somewhere and stick the kettle on. Nothing like a cup of tea and a biscuit looking out at the sea, the sea breeze wafting through the oven windows of the van. Aahhhh…

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