Campervan Betty is back in the depot

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She’s been in our drive for a few days

VW camper Betty has been at our house for a few days. The garage was closed whilst mechanic Dave took off to Scotland. A well earned week off in his motorhome Brian. Dave is back and now Betty is back, all ready for the next hire.

Having Betty at home allowed a few folk to swing by and see her which was quite nice. Nice to meet one or two customers in advance of their hire. All part of the service 🙂

It’s amazing really how much attention these vans attract. When we first got Betty I recall having her in our drive with the poptop up and a total stranger strolled up to me to chat. Just wanted to talk about the van. Didn’t have his own but knew someone who did! I chatted nicely for a while, told him the engine size etc and waved him off. He didn’t have much to say. Just wanted to get close to Betty. That’s magnetism for you.

As I write this I’m watching the French Open Tennis. Made me think back to last Summer when Betty was taken to Paris by hirer Jimmy for his corporate product launch. There are some licensing rules about driving in Paris, apparently. Betty got around these rules by being genuinely classed as a vintage vehicle. Not sure how that works but work it did. That trip Betty made it to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Pretty cool.

Betty is 1971 vintage VW T2 bay and is available to hire at very reasonable rates. Our campervan depot is in the middle of Lincoln and is easily accessible by road, bus or rail. We are a short walk from the Lincoln transport hub and if you talk to us nicely one of us could meet you off your train or bus.

That’s all folks. Campervan hire page here.
campervan back at depot