The campsite is awake to the sound of motorcycles preparing to leave for the races before the roads close. Three bikers in orange hi viz jackets have “Marshal” on their backs. 

We have been for a swim, had breakfast at the Harbour Lights caff and are now back at the campervan. I’m chillin whilst Anne gets sorted. Shortly we are off out to Douglas for the day. I’m watching some racing in a friend’s front garden and Anne is “doing” town.

The tent landscape in front of the campervan has changed over the few days we have been here as bikers pitch up for a couple of days and then move on. Most of the tents are small as they are all carried on the back of the bikes. I can’t imagine they bring many changes of clothes…

After a few days of glorious sunshine the weather changed last night. We were actually ok with this. I quite like lying in the van listening to the rain on the roof and it was gratifying to observe that our new campervan, Jade, took the rain without a single drop getting in.

The wind however was a different issue. I’d parked the van a little too close to the awning when we returned yesterday so the bit of the awning that connects to the van was looser than ideal. In consequence it was flapping quite noisily so I had to take it for the team and get up in the night to tighten it. That’s a lesson about parking the van properly for the next time. 

As soon as we dropped off the sleep again it was a really deep and satisfying sleep. Jade has a very comfortable rock and roll bed. When we finally woke up it was to the sound of the dawn chorus. Although there was the occasional crow this birdsong was sweet to hear and is one of the nice things about campervan life. V tuneful.

We made a brew and I sat in the front passenger seat with my cuppa checking out what had been going on in the rest of the world.

The rain seems now behind us and it is a beautifully fresh Manx morning. Another great day ahead 🙂