Cooking breakfast in vw campervan

campervan breakfast

Cooking breakfast on the vw campervan cooker in Whitby

Check out this video of a full english breakfast being cooked in our VW campervan. The cooker is a fitted 2 ring gas camping stove and gives off a lot of heat. Food is cooked surprisingly quickly.

We did find that the grill area wasn’t particularly large but this was offset by the speed at which the bacon cooked. The fat crisped up very nicely.

On this trip we didn’t bother with the awning as none of the kids were in tow and we didn’t need the extra space. Also the weather was greats so eating alfresco on the cliffs above Whitby was very pleasant.

On other occasions we have taken out bbq/fire pit. This makes for a great communal cooker at a festival During Latitude there were 4 vans in a corral with the bbq set up in the middle. Breakfast, for up to 15 people was cooked on the bbq and at night we would turn it into a campfire and chill out with a night cap before hitting the hay.

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