Lincoln VW campers

lincoln vw campers

VW campervan day at Lincoln Brayford Wharf

A Lincoln VW camper day event at the city’s Brayford Wharf attracted large crowds on a beautifully sunny August day. There was a wide range of vans to see and this video displays the T1 ad T2 selection.

Some of the vans on show were serious high end conversions but some were just every day family vehicles. All were of interest and everyone had a great day out.

Our van Betty was absent as she had just returned from a few days in Whitby and was being prepared for her next trip.

The featured image is a lovely example of a T1 “splitty”. These early vans are highly sought after as the first in the genre. They are becoming quite rare. Indeed van prices are on the rise and even the third generation VW T25s are now on the rise as a slightly more affordable vehicle.

Whenever you turn up somewhere in one of these VW campers you always attract attention. There is a code of VW campervan drivers who always wave at each other when passing on the road. It’s also always great to chat with other van owners about their vans.

You can be a van owner for a while by hiring our campervan Betty. Check out our site and get in touch:)