mattress topper for rock and roll bed

inside vw campervan

Mattress topper for campervan and other handy tips

When we first bought vw campervan Betty she had beautiful vinyl seat cushions but no mattress. This did make us think a little. What would be the best bedding to provide customers for the vean. A roll up mattress maybe? Memory Foam?

The answer in the end proved to be quite simple. We bought a high quality Dorma mattress topper from Dunelm. This proved to be a huge result. It is really comfortable. In fact the van is seriously cosy with it laid out on the seat cushions. Add a duvet with pillows and optionally a warm blanket depending on the weather and you have the perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep.

The only problem you will have is the same as for those camping in a tent. If dawn comes early then the light can wake you up. The answer to this is an eye mask – just like they provide on longhaul flights.

We quite look forward to cosying up in the van when it is time to go to bed. The curtains come round and we switch on the interior LED lights. If it is a really hot night you can always open the back door to let a draught through and, if you have the awning, leave the side door open. Lots of options.

The sink in the van comes in very handy at bedtime for doing your teeth and the cooker is great for boiling the kettle for a brew first thing in the morning. We tend not to use the cooker that much otherwise as we take a barbecue along with us and mostly cook on that. Even breakfast. That isn’t to say you can’t whip up a fryup on the vans cooker or heat up some soup/beans/whatever takes your fancy.

The other thing we have found really handy is the ability to charge up your phone overnight using the leisure battery. Both the radio and the fridge have USB charging ports (bring your own cable for the radio).

More handy vw campervan tips as we think of them. Have a great summer.

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