VW T2 Bay campervan engine

vw campervan engine

Oil be darned

Hi. Anne here. Thought the petrol heads amongst you would appreciate this. It’s a picture of the engine of the 1971 VW campervan we hire out. 1595 cc petrol. Air cooled. Rear mounted.

Campervan Betty has been having her annual service over the winter and whilst she was up on the ramp I popped down and took some photos. I’m not into engines myself (I’m more of a curtains person really) but I guess every campervan needs one unless you are going to tow it with a horse which really would be missing the point.

Betty is still on her first engine. We aren’t totally sure how many miles she has done with this engine because the speedo was changed at some time in the past. Currently it reads round 57,000 miles but there is a chance that is not the real number.

People fit all sorts of engines to VW campervans. Even Porsche engines. We don’t need ours to go that fast. We prefer a more relaxed pace. A Porsche engine would mean we’d need to fit different brakes.

If anyone wants to come down and take a look at the van she is currently at the depot and you would be very welcome to pop in. Just give us a bit of notice to make sure we are there.

Betty is perfect for festivals, weekends away and touring holidays. Anne’s Vans is based in the centre of Lincoln and easily accessible from the railway station – we can even come and pick you up when your train gets in. Coming by road we have secure parking where your car can be left during the holiday.

So if you are looking to hire a VW campervan in Lincolnshire or the East Midlands look no further. Check out our bookings page right here on this website.