campervan for hire but no bowtie

vw campervan themed bowtie

Campervan bowtie not 4 hire but you can hire our van

We like to collect campervan related stuff and this time it’s a campervan bow tie. I bought it at the Lincoln Christmas Market for my husband Tref. He doesn’t wear normal ties as he claims he keeps spilling curry on them.

He likes his campervan bow tie though. Just the one problem. Tref is a dab hand at tying self tie bow ties but this one is really hard to get the right way up. So when he puts it on it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether he gets it right or not. Also it isn’t just a question of trying to tie it again. Doesn’t seem to work like that. He’s given up worrying about it:)
The tie doesn’t get worn when we use the van ourselves mind you. Even though it depicts VW splitties. Our van Betty is a 1971 T2 Bay so not totally true to the tie. Doesn’t matter. Betty is cool in her own right.

We already have bookings for 2017 and will be looking to slot in a few trips ourselves in between customers. We are already taking her to a festival in August. It’s a local Lincolnshire job called JoeFest. It’s a family festival run by members of our own family and should be great. Tickets not on sale yet but stay tuned.
Our campervan is ideal for festivals and short breaks. The porta potty is especially useful at night time when the wine or beer catches up on you and the trip to the toilet block seems to be ever such a long one.

If you want to hire a campervan and you live in Lincolnshire or the East Midlands you should check us out. Click on our hire page to see what’s on offer. Can’t help you with the bow tie though. Tref isn’t lending it to anyone:)