VW campervan test


VW-campervan-test weekend in Rutland

The featured image is of our VW T2 Bay campervan Bertie on his inaugural weekend out at Rutland Water. The weather wasn’t particularly nice and as you can see there aren’t many others at the site. They were all in our party.

Headed out around 11am for a 9km circular walk, stopping for a picnic lunch at a wildlife centre which had a live webcam pointed at an osprey nest out near the lake. At the end of the walk we ended up at the Kings Arms pub conveniently situated near the campsite. The back to the van for a freshen up and a bit of a rest.

A group of D of E kids turned up at around 6pm as we were on the way back to the Kings Arms for dinner. It was raining and we didn’t envy them having to pitch their tents and get their food ready in that weather.

Before heading out we had laid the rock and roll bed and turned on the oil filled radiator so that the van was nice and toasty when we returned. We had a great evening in the pub – there were ten of us and the wine flowed freely.

Coming back to the campsite husband Tref went straight to bed (lightweight) whilst I popped into mechanic Dave’s motorhome for a night cap, hic.

The next morning we got up at a suitable not too early time and popped to the campsite shop for some milk. Also bought some fresh farm eggs – see pic below. Nothing like a nice fresh egg bought from the farm where the hens roam freely and the eggs are bigger and tastier.

We noticed that the DoE kids had already packed up and gone on their way. Clearly a hardy breed.

The eggs together with some bacon, sausages and mushrooms were cooked on the cooker with the hob swung into the outdoor position. Dave heated up the beans on his own hob. Breakfast of kings.
After breakfast we made a pot of espresso coffee and relaxed outside the van for a bit. When the time came to go home it was just a case of unhitching the electrical hookup, dropping and securing the poptop (a quick flick of the latch in each corner), chucking everything in the van and heading for the exit.

A successful test weekend for our new VW campervan. If you want to use Bertie for a trip somewhere by all means check out our campervan hire page. We have two vans. Betty is a 1971 early bay and Bertie is a 1978 late bay.

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fresh farm eggs for our campervan