VW Campervan Bertie Rock & Roll Bed

vw campervan bed

Perspectives on Campervan Bertie Rock and Roll Bed

Our “new” VW Campervan Bertie has a beautifully upholstered full width rock and roll bed. The bed is really easy to pull out. You just grab hold of the underneath of the seat and pull. It’s as easy as that.

Getting it back into place is just as easily done, this time lifting the top of the seat back and pushing the end bit forward. We will show you when you come to pick up the van.
The spare tyre, pictured here with its cover designed to match the rest of the upholstery, is removed for the night and placed somewhere safe outside the van. The “slot” it leaves is filled in with a purpose built bezel. Your head isn’t going to drop into this gap.

The recommended sleeping position is with your head at the back window end. The Cath Kidston curtains pull all the way around the van giving you complete privacy. The different pieces join handily together using velcro.

The white upholstery with pale blue piping is easily washable and designed to withstand the rigours of trips to the beach or the countryside. It contrasts beautifully with the solid American white oak coachwork. A work of art really.

A sensible practice is to make the bed up before you head out for the evening. We don’t provide bed linen. We found that people preferred to bring their own. You need something as a base cover for the mattress, a duvet or blanket or even a proper mattress cover which is what we use. Double bed sheets and duvet then fit perfectly into position. We have a couple of pillows each and depending on the time of year a blanket on top.

So there you go. A really cosy full width rock and roll bed for you to climb into at the end of a tiring day at the beach/festiva/wedding/holiday away in a nice place 🙂

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