VW campervan keyrings

campervan keyrings

VW Campervan keyrings for even more funky campervan fun 🙂

A pair of vw campervan keyrings caught our eye so we took the plunge and went for them. Funky eh? The yellow/orange one is obviously going to go with the keys for Betty, our 1971 Vintage VW T2 Bay campervan. I guess we will have to look out for another van for the other keyring. Watch this space…

The campervan rental season came to a close a few weeks ago. It is December after all and minds are on Christmas. We have actually had a couple of enquiries for one or two day hires around Christmas Day. Families needing the expansion space. When all the kids turn up together with a gaggle of grandchildren the floor space, or cushion space is at a premium. Personally I’d hotel it, or B&B but that’s a personal choice. Maybe I’m a softie. Hotels aren’t cheap around Christmas time.

Campervan Betty is herself safely tucked up in the garage at Great Northern Terrace and mechanic Dave will at some stage be doing her winter service. This will include non standard jobs like cleaning the curtains:). Dave won’t wash the curtains. I, Anne, will do that. Dave would get grease all over them. Reality is campervan Betty gets looked after very well during the season and effectively is serviced after every hire.

In the meantime we are always on the lookout for cool little bits to go with the van – just like the keyrings in the picture.

Anne’s vans is a Lincolnshire based vintage VW campervan hire. Our customers aren’t just local. We even had someone fly in from Malta this year to go to a festival. Betty has been across Europe – as far as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. You can imagine the popular reception she had in Germany.

If you are looking to hire a campervan for next year please do get in touch. You will get to see the keyring as well 🙂