End of a great vw campervan hire season

blue splitty

Great season for VW campervan hire comes to a close

It’s been a great season in the VW campervan rental business. We’ve waved goodbye to the last of our lovely customers for the year. A repeat hire from the lovely Jimmy. Thanks for your business Jimmy. Our campervan Betty is now tucked away in dry storage for the winter, unless someone else wants to take her out. It’s easy enough.

Our next planned use is on New Year’s eve when we are off to some friends deep in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside. Rather than taxiing home we thought we would just wander up in the van, pop the roof up, plug in the electrical hookup and hey presto we are ready to party. The electric hookup is going to be very important. We will need a heater at that time of year.

The concept of a heater is something we discovered this Autumn. Vintage VW campervans built in 1971 don’t do heaters. The “air conditioning” is a slider on the dashboard which diverts heat from the engine through some pipes to the interior. Either it’s on or off and the engine has to be on and the van running.

So when we rocked up to a campsite near Market Rasen for a weekend with some like minded individuals one of the accompanying campervanners (new word according to my spellchecker) couldn’t get his electric hookup to work and offered us his heater to try out. Truth be told it wasn’t cold enough for a heater but we accepted in the interest of science and experimentation.

Our van Betty is really snug and we found that we had to turn the heater off in the night because it was too warm. It’s going to be a different kettle of fish on New Year’s Eve. Bring on the freezing nights. Switch on the heater.

It’s been a great 2017 for Anne’s Vans. We have had some lovely customers and we have also learnt a lot about running a campervan rental business. Now we are looking forward to 2018 and are already getting enquiries. In fact we’ve already had a booking for 2019! Get booking guys 🙂
blue splitty
Anne’s Vans is a Vintage VW Campervan hire business based in the beautiful Cathedral City of Lincoln. If you are interested in experiencing a seriously funky holiday in one of our cool campervans do get in touch – you can find us via our contact page. Van prices and availability can be seen on our campervan hire page.

The featured image btw is not of our van – it’s off our campervan calendar that hangs in our kitchen 🙂