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VW campervan Thai vibe

We went to Thailand for a bit of winter sun after Christmas. It’s the off season for Anne’s Vans and although we do get a lot of enquiries we han respond to those from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Although Thailand is all about tuktuks and longtailed boats (and satay, dinga beer, temples etc) it was amazing how often we bumped into signs of VW campervans. Every night market sold campervan t shirts and one even had the shell of on as a bar decoration. We bought a “chiang mai thailand” campervan fridge magnet for what it’s worth. Orange splitty 🙂

Thailand is a lovely country with lovely people. The place fits in very well with the whole VW campervan vibe. Cool, laid back pace of life. The only thing I guess is that thailand is quite a warm country. January when we were there was peak season because temperatures were only around 30 degrees. In their soaring summer heat I’m not sure how an air cooled vehicle would cope.

The only thing to do in those circumstances would be to hang out in the shade near the beach drinking cold beer with your straw hat pulled down over your eyes. Shorts, flip flops, sunglasses and thin t shirts are the order of the day. The water in Southern Thailand is incredibly warm. None of this having to ease yourself slowly in just to get used to the cold. You can plunge straight in. Also it is crystal clear.

There is a cautionary note. All along the beach front wherever we strolled there were tsunami warning signs. An indication that all is not always well in paradise.

Anyway I’m afraid that it would not be practical to rent one of our VW campervans to take to Thailand. It’s too far. Also I did take look and couldn’t find anywhere that hires them out in Thailand. Maybe just not the done thing? It’s cheap enough to travel around anyway and I’m not sure I’d want to drive in Thailand even though they do drive on the left fair play. The Thais are crazy drivers so it just wouldn’t be sensible.

You can drive one of our vans in the UK though. Why not get in touch using our contact page. Anne’s Vans is a vintage VW campervan hire business based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire 🙂 Check out our campervan hire page.
vw campervan thailand
vw campervan thailand