getting the vans ready for the season

campervan thermometer

Campervan conditioning underway for the new season

It might feel as if Spring is still a long way away but trust me April will soon be upon us. At Anne’s Vans we are currently gearing up to get our vintage VW Campervans ready for the 2019 hire season. No major issues. Just giving them a good servicing and tidying up the interiors. We also look at renewing accessories such as camping chairs, plates and cutlery etc. We like our vans to be in nice condition for our lovely customers.

It is difficult to think ahead about shooting off in a campervan when outside the rain is lashing down on the windows and it is blowing a gale. However today the thermometer in our greenhouse reach a heady 9 degrees and the ice in the water butt has already melted. Won’t be long now yay 🙂

We have our own first trip already planned for April. Taking one of the vans to Derbyshire to do a bit of walking followed by a bit of eating and a bit of drinking. In moderation of course. That includes moderate walking though you can push yourselves as hard as you like. The only thing that will stop us is if someone comes alongs and books the vans. Two years ago we only managed one weekend away at the end of the season because the campervans were all rented out.

At this time of year you have plenty of choice for vans and dates although we do already have a few bookings in the can, so to speak (can rhymes with van). Why don’t you take a look at your calendars and see when would be a good time to hire a vw campervan and head for the coast, or the hills, or the woods. You know what I mean.

If you want to know more about hiring one of our vw campervans by all means get in touch using our contact page.

Anne’s Vans is a Vintage VW campervan hire business based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Our T2 Bays are hired out to people from as far afield as Malta so if you are in the UK it should be a cinch 🙂