VW Campervan Betty is centre of attention

campervan lincoln

VW campervan attracts crowds – you will never be lonely

We took WV campervan Betty on a photoshoot day out and parked her in front of Lincoln Cathedral. She attracted the crowds with folk posing for photos of their own in front of her.

It’s amazing how many people have memories of owning their own campervan way back in the seventies. Built in 1971 Betty is what is known as an “early bay”. She is officially classified as a vintage vehicle and as such no longer attracts car tax.

Of course as a vintage vehicle she doesn’t drive like a modern car but you would be amazed at how comfortable a ride she is. In fact a ride in our Betty makes for a really relaxing trip. If you are looking for a break to take you away from the stresses of everyday life then Betty is the girl for you. 🙂