Lincoln VW Campervan depot

anne in her van

Anne at our Lincoln VW Campervan depot

Anne takes VW Campervan Betty for a spin for the first time this year. She fired up first time after spending a few months cosily locked up inside the garage at our Lincoln VW campervan depot in Great Northern Terrace.

Betty was being brought out to take some promotional shots for the local media. No doubt Anne will be sharing the links with you all once the feature(s) are published. Whilst we were at it we decided to do a quick video of the outside of Betty with her engine running. When the weather gets a bit brighter we will do one of the inside.

The video also shows the steel fencing of the depot with the gates that are locked each evening when we go home.

Anne with her van

If you have any questions regarding hiring Betty please do get in touch – you can use the contact details on this website.