Our Lizzie from BBC Lincolnshire broadcasts live inside Anne’s Vans

Lizzie Musham from BBC Lincolnshire pays a visit to Anne's Vans

Last Thursday we had a visit from BBC Lincolnshire’s roving reporter “Our Lizzie” who spend a couple of hours with us broadcasting live from inside the VW campervans. The visit had been prearranged to be timed when two of the vans were in the depot. One day either side and there would have been nothing to see as this is our busiest time of year for campervan rentals.

The broadcasts formed part of the Carla Greene show on BBC Lincolnshire. When Lizzie arrived she found the campervan cleaning in full swing – hot work on such a hot day but a job has to be done 🙂 We like our campervans to be spotless when they go out.

Lizzie chatted with the whole team live on the radio including Anne’s husband Tref who does the marketing, Dave the mechanic and of course the boss herself, Anne.

We think Lizzie is a convert to the campervan life as she mentioned that she would quite like to hire one for a trip with her young family. We are here at your service Lizzie.

Anne’s Vans has been in the news quite a lot this year with media coverage of the staycation boom being of real interest to people. We were even on the BBC Look North News which was very exciting obvs.

Our own campervan rental business is booming with August being mostly now booked up – perhaps a couple of short slots available in our newest van Vera.

We have posted some of the photos from the BBC visit below and make sure you watch the video of Dave showing Lizzie the ropes inside the van. She was quite surprised at how comfortable the bed is!

If you are interested in hiring a campervan then we have plenty of availability for September and already have a number of bookings in the can for 2022. Give us a ring on 01522 438888 if you would like a chat about it.