june vw campervan calendar photo

june campervan

Beautiful vw split screen campervan

Our calendar is now into the month of June and with it comes this photo of a beautiful cream coloured VW Splitty. Might even be called June. In fact we can all her what we like. Feels to be definitely a her rather than a him. June she is.

When we named our van Betty it seemed to be just the right thing. She wasn’t a Caroline or a Mavis. I don’t think people name their kids Mavis these days do they but you can imagine a campervan called Mavis. “We’re just nipping off in Mavis for the weekend” 🙂 She likes the sea air does Mavis. Doesn’t like getting her tyres on the sand though. Gets into all the cracks.

I digress. The VW T1 cooling system seems to start coming into it’s own in June. Open those front windows to let the air rush in. Don’t do it on a motorway though. I’m not even sure you would want to drive a Splitty on a motorway. Or a Bay for that matter. These vans just don’t suit motorways, not with all the cars rushing past in an unseemly hurry. That’s the joy of a camper. The relaxed pace of life.
This particular van, June, would go well next to a strawberry red job called Pip. Strawberries and cream. You feel a glass of Pimms would also be appropriate, drunk whilst sat on a blanket on a bit of grass by the side of the road somewhere in the countryside. Wales or somewhere. Scotland maybe. Anyway you get my drift.

Excited to see what July will bring us photo wise. No cheating by turning the page before June is out:) We at Anne’s Vans are now taking campervan bookings for July as the rest of June is pretty much sold out.

Don’t all call at once now 🙂