EU breakdown recovery now available

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EU breakdown recovery now available

Up until now we have been able to insure our vintage VW T2 bay campervan Betty for European cover but not for breakdown recovery. On this basis we haven’t been renting the van for travel outside the UK.

However we have a corporate booking that is taking the van on a tour of Europe for 3 weeks and we discovered that the AA can provide the service. There is an additional cost to this which is dependent on the countries you want to visit and how long for but it isn’t extortionate and worth the extra for the added benefits you will get. The cover includes hotel accommodation in case of a problem plus repatriation of you and the van if it can’t be fixed.

We may even take off in it ourselves sometime. With the last one leaving school next year the kids are off our hands from summer 2018 onwards. This year we only have it ourselves for one weekend so far and that’s for the JoeFest festival. Otherwise it is out on hire for much of the summer (still some dates available if you want to check).

Figured you might like the image in this post. It’s from a port in Puglia. Perfectly reachable by VW campervan although with a comfortable max speed of 55mph (ok 88kmh) it would take some time to get there. What’s the hurry? Just looked. Google says it’s a 24 hour drive to Puglia. That makes a week’s comfortable travel down, a couple of weeks in the area and a week travelling back by a different route. Lots of countries, cultures and scenery, not to mention the different food and wine. Sounds like the perfect holiday to me.

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