camping trailer lock

trailer lock

Now somewhat unused except by spiders

This is the lock to our camping trailer. As you can see it hasn’t been used in a while. Actually it’s been winter so there’s been no reason to use it. All the camping kit gets stored in it when not in use.

I popped out to it the other day because I couldn’t remember whether the camping chairs that go with our vintage VW camper van Betty were in the trailer or with Betty at the depot. Betty is kept in secure dry storage over winter.

Turns out they were at the depot. No problemo. We supply a couple of high quality camping chairs with each hire. Normally it’s a two person hire as Betty accommodates this number of people but there are 5 seats and you can sleep more in the awning. If our grown up kids come with us they normally sleep in their own small tents and often travel separately. We often just see them when it’s feeding time. If you need more than two chairs you can bring your own – there is plenty of space.

Since we got the van the family tent has not left the trailer. It’s a heavy beast anyway. Has 3 sleeping pods and could at a push sleep 9 with room for more guests in the cat swinging central atrium. I don’t think the manufacturers described it like that but that’s what it is really like. Also it’s so heavy that it takes two people to carry it and certainly the whole family is needed to put it up.

We feel that now we use the campervan we have moved on from camping. My husband still likes to tent it but usually he is on his own there. Having the VW camper is a step up from the tent world and one from which I would find it difficult to go back.

If you want to know any more about our campervan feel free to get in touch via our contact page. Betty is a 1971 vintage VW Type 2 Bay windowed camper van available for hire. Anne’s Vans is based in Lincoln and is ideally placed for trips to a wide number of holiday destinations.