you too can take a van to the beach

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Don’t wait for it to happen

Just pick up the phone and call 01522 438888 🙂 Until recently we never considered buying a VW campervan. It’s one of those things you see around occasionally and just think “cool”. Every now and again we’d see one turning up at a campsite where we had pitched the tent and wonder who it was that was inside.

They almost certainly had surfboards leaning against the side of the van, or laid out alongside. Just dropped there really when their owners came back from the beach. The noise of their radio reached our ears. The tunes always sounded appropriate for the occasion. Holiday mood stuff. A bit of retro thrown in.

In the evenings we would see the people sat in their camping chairs around a bbq cooking burgers and sausages. Nothing elaborate. Just buttered bread rolls with plenty of ketchup to smear across their faces, and a bit of salad maybe.

As night came the lights would go on inside the van emitting a warm glow. You could almost hear the whispers of the people inside but we were only imagining it. The wind off the beach drowned out any sound together with the noise of the waves lapping against the sand.

Eventually the lights would go out and darkness blanketed the site. We lay in our sleeping bags looking up at the ceiling of the tent thinking of the people inside the campervan. In time tiredness would take over and the next thing we knew it was morning.

We never dreamed that one day that would be us in that campervan. It can be you too if you want to take our vintage VW Type 2 van Betty for a trip to the seaside.. Just check out her availability on our campervan hire page or get in touch via our contact page.

Anne’s Vans is a Lincoln based VW camper van hire company.