VW campervan pic for May

campervan may

Splitty blends in with graffiti on our kitchen wall

Here’s our campervan calendar pic for May. It’s a VW splitty but I’m not totally sure I like the paint job.Certainly not an original VW colour scheme as it left the factory:) Blends in nicely with the graffiti on the wall behind mind you 🙂

A splitty is of course the ultimate cool campervan. It would be nice to have one for the Anne’s Vans fleet but there are several reasons why we don’t. Firstly they cost at least £10,000 more than a bay, if you can find one. You do see some fantastic conversions but there aren’t many around.

Secondly they have less room inside and it doesn’t feel right to put a pop top on the classic bus shape. Finally they are older than the bays. We figure a bay is just about right from an age/reliability and ease of driving perspective.

When we hire out our vans we take people on a short spin around the corner from the depot and let them drive back, really just to get you used to the gears and the brakes. Remember these vans are over 40 years old and don’t come with servo assisted brakes (is that the right world?)so you need to assume a longer stopping time. I then get out, any passengers hop in and folk drive away on their dream trip to the coast.

The other aspect to consider when driving a 1970s VW camper is the power steering. There is none. Muscles are needed to drive these beauties. Mostly only when stationary and trying to maneuver the van. If it’s moving it’s a lot easier. Once you are moving it’s a very smooth ride. A real pleasure.

Anyway all this started from me deciding to share the May photo on our calendar in the kitchen. Don’t know how we ended up talking about power steering. If you want to hire a van currently we have a choice of two. A yellow/orange 1971 early bay called Betty and a pastel blue 1978 late bay called Bertie. They are very different inside but both fantastic vans to use. Hire either one and you will be the envy of all your friends.
If you want to come along and see any of the vans, when they are not hired out we keep them at our depot in downtown Lincoln. Check out our contact page for more details. Availabiltiy information is on the campervan hire page. Hope to see you soon…

One last thing. Huge thanks to Rachel Mortimore for the lovely review on our Facebook page

Rachel also left us a pic of campervan Bertie parked up in Skegness.

We love our customers 🙂