vw campervan meeting room

vw camper as a meeting room

vw campervan – a meeting room with a difference

Bored with the same old characterless meeting rooms. Legal Geek decided to do things differently and took our vintage VW campervan Betty on a road trip. They set up meetings at events in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Brussels before coming back to London for a grand finale.

Betty, a 1971 VW T2 bay campervan which is classified as a vintage vehicle, was used as a mobile office and a centre of attraction at each event. Legal Geek were able to put up their own branding and that of their sponsors at meetings with startups which were effectively video’d interviews.
There are lots of cool photos from the road trip, some of which are in an album linked to from this post about vw campervan corporate rentals.

We’ve slotted a couple more in here to show the van being used for business purposes. It was a rainy day in London but that didn’t dampen the ardour of the event participants and a great time was had by all, even if they did have to bring their umbrellas.

If you want something a little different for your corporate event, meetings or launches you might want to do what Legal Geek did and hire a vintage VW camper. It certainly adds a little bit of class.

Anne’s Vans are a Lincoln based VW campervan hire business. However we aren’t restricted to our local area and can arrange delivery of a vintage VW campervan anywhere in the country. Just get in touch to find out more. You can contact us via our contact page or check out availability here. Legal Geek did and got great results.
vw campervan being used for corporate meetings