green VW campervan spotted in Wales

machynlleth campervan

Machynlleth VW campervan spotted – in the rain natch

We were driving through wales and had a pitstop at Machynlleth. We were just leaving when in the far corner of the carpark we spotted this beaut of a VW campervan. Had to drive around and take this pic.

We couldn’t really tell it’s provenance. It was a right hand drive but the sliding door was on the the same side as the driver suggesting that it had at some stage been a left hand drive. Also the number plate suggests it may be an import registered in recent years in the UK. When we see other VW campervans we like to guess what the owners might have called them. No idea with this one. It’s a nice pastel green colour.

The campervan was in immaculate condition. The weather wasn’t though as you might be able to tell from the light. Typical UK in summer really. It matters not. Driving through the rain is far less stressful when you know that when you reach your destination you don’t have to put a tent up. Just pop the top up, take a cold beer out of the fridge and relaaaax.

Anne’s vans is a vintage VW campervan hire business based in Lincoln in the East Midlands. People hire our vans and take them all over the country and beyond to Europe. Our 1971 T2 bay is currently on a three week trip touring the Outer Hebrides. What a fantastic holiday. We wouldn’t mind doing that ourselves but she is hire out fairly solidly for the rest of the summer.

You need to start thinking of an Autumn booking or even get one in for 2018. The weather, we are told, is going to be perfect next year:) If you do want to book for next year we will hold this year’s prices and ll it takes is a £50 deposit to guarantee your slot. See ya soon 🙂