daffodil coloured VW campervan

daffodil coloured vw campervan

Daffodils remind me of the colour of our van Betty

Saw these daffodils in our back garden and instinctively took a photo. It’s only when I looked at the pics on my laptop that I realised that the daffs are the same colour as our VW campervan Betty. It’s almost as if VW commissioned them when they released the T2 Bay:)

Our van started life in yellow but at some stage someone sprayed her blue. It’s only during her refurbishment, where she was taken down to bare metal before being properly treated, that her original colour was discovered.

Betty had been messed around a lot in her life. For example at some stage she had had a spare wheel mounted on her front. You see T2 vans around with the wheel on the front but this isn’t authentic (even though it does look quite good). The wheel mounting was in Betty’s case a bit of a bodge job.

In her restoration this was sorted out and great care was taken with the interior fitout. Specialists were used for everything. The paneling is Furse Oak (whatever that is 🙂 ).

If you are interested in coming along to see Betty you would be very welcome. She is normally garaged when not in use or being hired out but occasionally when we have her in our drive we get passers by stopping to chat. VW campervans are real people magnets and before we got our own we would eye others vans enviously when away camping. Just drop us a line of you want to see her and we can make arrangements.

Our campervan, Betty, is for hire. She is a 1971 VW T2 bay and is a dream to drive. See our campervan hire page for available dates. She is also hired out for corporate events and this summer will be touring major locations in Europe for a product launch.

Anne’s Vans is a Lincolnshire based vintage VW campervan hire company.