campervan biscuit tin

campervan biscuit tin

Leftover christmas present vw campervan biscuit tin

This is a VW Campervan biscuit tin. It once contained mini Jaffa Cakes. My husband Tref got it off my cousin Geoffrey for Christmas. Now it’s an empty jaffa cake VW Campervan biscuit tin.
As biscuit tins go it’s a nice one:) We will probably try and use it in one of our vans. Maybe put the cutlery in it.

The jaffa cakes didn’t last long. We have four kids and three of them live away from home now, mostly. Except of course for Christmas so it isn’t surprising the jaffa cakes went. Ditto the extra Christmas Tree chocs that we bought more of this year thinking they would last a little longer. They didn’t.

We did buy six boxes of Quality Street toffees to supplement the main selection box. These Quality Street boxes used to be tins but now they are small plastic containers. Not the same and not as big. I think.

It’s still the off season in the campervan rental game. The vans are tucked away in the garage staying dry. Not particularly warm. Just dry. Who’d be a chunk of metal eh?
It’s still a while until the season starts – Easter. Quite a few enquiries already coming in. One booking already in the bag in the last week – for August. You have to plan ahead when it comes to holidays, especially if you have to book something. Leave it until the last minute and you will be disappointed.

Lots of love,

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