Tired but happy after Woodhall Weekend

Tired but happy after our annual trip to Woodhall Spa Country Park in a campervan. Felt as if we were the only ones there. Amazingly we got there early and were soon set up although it did take us a while to realise that we had the awning inside out which was why we couldn’t find the guy ropes!

Our usual form on arrival for this weekend is to get pitched and then send someone for fish and chips from the chippy in the village. However the Smiths, who were the only ones in the group coming by car as they were kipping in a “luxury pod” hadn’t arrived and as the chip shop was a good 20 minutes walk away we all set off anyway. 

Fortunately as we approached the campsite barrier and to everyone’s joy, the Smiths arrived so we about turned to the vans and got the wine out whilst they drove off and fetched the nosh. 8 lots of haddock, chips and mushy peas!

As night fell and the temperature dropped we moved into one of the vans (ok motorhome) and had a bit of a singsong – old rugby songs which for some reason you never hear these days.

Next morning we cooked our own breakfasts and met to walk into the village. The weather forecast was not good and indeed it rained solidly from around noon to 10pm. This didn’t dampen our ardour and in fact Anne went swimming in Jubilee Park Open Air Pool. Because of the rain she was the only one in the pool!! Was warm enough 🙂

A stroll around Woodhall involves the usual things of stop offs at coffee shops, couple of beers in the pub, lunch at The Tea Shop In The Woods and then back to the vans for an afternoon kip. We also usually buy a few bits and bobs from the deli on the main street but every time we passed it there was a long queue – pandemic social distancing rules inside the shop!

That evening we dined at the Abbey Lodge pub which was a fair old trek from the campsite so we booked a taxis to shuttle us there and back. Good job really as it was still chucking it down.

We were the last to leave the pub and Anne nearly got in the wrong car – the people said to her “you should have gone to specsavers”. As soon as we got back to the vans that was it. Straight to bed, all healthily tired.

On the last morning we traditionally have a big cookout. People bring out their bacon, sausages etc for cooking on Dave’s Teppanyaki grill. Fortunately it had fined up and we enjoyed our last alfresco meal in relatively warm conditions.

Now we have packed up and made it home to start the unpacking process. I counted three waves from other motorists between Wooddall and home. All part of the fun of heading off for the weekend in a vintage VW campervan 🙂