VW Camper-van Trip Around the South-East

vw campervan in green fields

David and Wendy Price have recently returned from their holiday on the road. Having rented out our VW camper-van Bertie, the Prices looked like they had a vacation to remember!

David Price with camper-van Bertie

After the couple picked up Bertie from Anne’s Vans head-quarters at DC Automotive in Lincoln, they began to venture south. They started by driving towards Norfolk and the Jurassic Coast. David seemed to be extremely impressed with Bertie’s driving capability, lauding the van as “reliable” and “a pleasure to drive”. It seemed that David and Wendy enjoyed the smooth and gentle nature of Bertie’s engine, taking in the scenery as they went.

Bertie certainly caught the attention of passers-by. David says that driving through Cromer, with “Sweet Home Alabama” on the stereo, was “fun and rather cool…”. They certainly must have drawn the attention of Cromer residents, and with Bertie’s light-blue exterior and plush white interior, we aren’t surprised. David adds that Bertie turned a few heads at the campsite too!

Wendy Price enjoying a glass of white wine at the campsite

When driving a VW camper-van, you join a unique club. Part of this responsibility is waving to other VW camper-van drivers – a “joy” according to David. They encountered around 6 other VW camper-vans on their trip in total. Overall, David says that his experience was “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” and that he had a great week driving and living in Bertie.

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