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Wedding bookings on the up for VW campervan

Wedding bookings on the up for our vintage VW campervan. We do self drive wedding bookings. We find that people like the idea of picking the campervan up on Friday and taking it home to let the family decorate it. Then on the big day the bride can take her time and the van is right there and ready when it’s time to go to the church/registry office/lovely mansion somewhere in beautiful countryside.

The feedback we get is that the campervan looks fantastic parked in a field outside the marquee, or in front of the hotel. Perfect for photos. Doesn’t she look lovely? Ahhh 🙂 We will have to start asking folk if we can have a photo.

Then if people want to keep the van an extra day or two it makes for a very special start to their honeymoon before jetting off to Ibiza, Bali or Bognor Regis. Hey, each to their own…

The reason I mention this is because wedding bookings are on the up this year. We’ve even had one or two short notice “emergency” enquiries although we haven’t always been able to help out with these if the van has already been booked. Book early folks!

The one thing to note about booking campervan Betty for a wedding is that you need to provide a driver. There are self drive hires. It’s usually fine though. Either one of the happy couple drives or a friend or relative. It’s usually safe enough to leave the campervan locked up overnight outside the venue.

There is room for 5 in the van so it’s easy to accommodate couple of bridesmaids and a dad, for example as well the bride. Any combo you like really. If you really needed it, because you’ve had a long and tiring adrenaline filled day for example, you can even pull out the bed for a bit of a lie down…

Anyway if you feel that a vintage VW campervan is right for your wedding do get in touch. In fact do it now – the details are on the contact page of this website. You can also check out the campervan hire page for availability.

Anne’s Vans is a very friendly Lincoln based vintage VW campervan hire business. Why not swing by for a chat sometime?