VW Vans – Venice Beach

yellow vw splitty

Supercool Californian Campervans

We were just strolling along the front at Venice Beach in Los Angeles (as you do) and came across two fabulous specimens of VW Campervans. They belonged to a surf school which you might have guessed.

Although the Bay had a bit of rust in the odd place we really loved the colour. The yellow of the splitty is fantastic The vans seemed to epitomise the Californian dream – sun surf and sand. You can add sunglasses to that – you definitely need them in Venice Beach. Neither van looks as if it would be usable for overnighters. No pop top. These were still very much the commercial vehicles they started their life as, albeit probably not serving the same function.

The place was packed with tourists but also with locals out posing. A real mixed bag of people and definitely worth the trip if you are anywhere near the area:)

Venice Beach isn’t really what we would call surf central. This is Huntington Beach further down the coast which is packed with RVs and VW campervans of all ages and models. We didn’t get to Huntington Beach this time as time was short.

We did stop off for a couple of beers and a margarita before heading back to the hotel. In the Uber on the way back we used the car’s stereo to pump out vintage summery tracks such as the Beach Boys “Surf Safari” and Mungo Jerry “In The Summertime”. Seemed like the right thing to do.

You can’t hire the vans in the pics as, well, they are still in California but ours are even better 🙂 Betty and Bertie are available for you to experience living the Californian dream here in the UK. Do get in touch if you are interested in hiring one. If you want to see one of them when they are not out on hire they are in Great Northern Terrace in central Lincoln.
yellow splitty