VW campervan wedding fair

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Campervan for weddings

Great day out at the Norton Lodge wedding fair last Sunday. We took Betty along to show her off to dozens of happy couples lining up to check out offerings for their forthcoming nuptials.

It was quite thrilling to find that some people recognised her immediately off the Anne’s Vans Facebook Page. Shows the power of social media doesn’t it? The idea of having a chauffeur driven VW campervan for the wedding and then driving off in it on honeymoon the next day really got people interested.

Also on display n Sunday were flowers from our good friends at the Arbour. We partner with the Arbour for our floral displays.

Our weddings deal this season is a straight £300 for the chauffeur driven service for up to 4 hours and 50 miles with additional miles at £10 per block of 10. Flowers are extra and depend on what you want. You can either provide your own or get them from us/The Arbour – typically around £95 for the items seen in the video below.

If you hire Betty for your honeymoon we will park her up at a suitably convenient spot for you to drive off in and throw in some extras to help make your start to married life a success. Check out our Anne’s Vans wedding page for more info.

vw campervan for weddings