VW campervan egg cup for van Betty

campervan egg cup

Cool dual egg cup for campervan Betty

Thought you’d like to see our new egg cup. It’s a dual job which you will find it in Betty when you hire her. Perfect for breakfast in the morning together with soldiers. Toast the bread under Betty’s gas grill and lightly boil the eggs on one of the gas rings:)

Always a bit of a dilemma we think, what to have for breakfast. Being in the great outdoors is always a good excuse for a fryup but it isn’t to everyone’s taste. Healthy living and all…

Thing is we think it’s obligatory to have a BBQ every night and if you are having a BBQ then you probably want some wine or beer to go with it which makes it even less likely that you want a healthy breakfast the next morning. Whatever you have at least you will probably already have the ingredients in the fridge. No point in messing about.

One of the great things about the campervan life is being able to roll up, literally, to a campsite, park up, fling the doors open and start the holiday. Even long journeys are a dream as when you fancy a cup of tea you simply pull in to a layby, stick the kettle on and, hey presto, a brew is on it’s way.

We graduated to campervans from tents. We were never caravanners but always thought we would one day upgrade from canvas to some wheels. In some respect it’s partly because we have four kids, three of whom have flown the coop, Our family tent would take six of us two hours to put up. How long it would take with just two of us goodness only knows.

Nowadays it’s not a problem of course as we can hop in Betty and take off for a weekend at the coast. Look out for other VW campervan accessories as we come across them:)