VW camper calendar April

campervan april

VW T2 bay and a T1 splitty feature this month

Our kitchen campervan calendar has turned over a month without me even noticing and we are a week into April already. It just goes to show how little we use paper calendars at our house nowadays. I’m very much a Google calendar person.

My Google calendar contains our Anne’s Vans bookings, my own personal happenings plus my husband’s. I have to be able to keep an eye on him. Also he needs to know when I am out so that he can come and pick me up afterwards;)

This month’s calendar photo has a very fetching M reg (1973 presumably) VW T2 bay and a positively ancient E reg splitty – a VW Type 1 van. We ummed and ah’d over whether to buy a splitty but they are easily ten thousand pounds more than the bays, assuming you can get one in decent condition. We are very happy with our van Betty who you probably know by now is a K reg 1971 (December) early bay.

The splitty in the photo has a roof rack. We quite like the idea of putting a roof rack on Betty although we don’t really need the space. Our kids are grown up and we don’t all cram into her. The other thing we like the idea of is having a surfboard rack. Only thing is neither of us surf and it would be easy enough to stick a board inside the van if we were heading to the beach for that purpose.

Two of the vans in the pic have the grill side window. Ours is plain but we do have the grill in the garage if we ever feel like changing. Although it looks cook the previous owners figured there would be more of a draught. We’ve just left it the way it was when we bought the van.

It’s going to be over three weeks before we click over the campervan calendar again and I haven’t cheated and looked to see what the pic is. Rest assured I will be showing you as soon as I see it 🙂

All the best for April