vintage VW T1 campervan

vw splitty calendar

A vintage VW splitty

In March our minds turn to weekends away in the campervan. Our calendar has turned over another month and the photo in March is of this vintage Splitty. A VW T1 campervan. Rich deep paintwork will make this one an attractive feature of our kitchen wall for the whole month.

Looks like someone has done a good job with the restoration. Note the air conditioning system visible in full operation. Window open at the front. No idea what the top speed is in summer with the air conditioning going full blast. It has to be quite slow to avoid being blown out of the van. Also you would need to wear goggles.

We have the same issue with our own Vw camper van Betty. Betty is a T2 Bay camper and doesn’t have the front opening windows of a splitty. However we do tend to open the side windows on a hot summer day. We don’t drive very quickly in Betty anyway and tend to avoid major trunk routes. The point of time away in a vintage VW campervan is relaxation and not rushing around everywhere, which is what you get on roads such as the A1.

One of the things we get comments on from our VW campervan hire customers is how comfortable a ride she is. The fact that there may be a tail of traffic building up behind you itching to go more quickly is of no concern. This is no different to when you turn up at a campsite. A trail of people wanting to chat with you about VW campervans:)

The campervan hire season is coming up fast. Have you thought about what to do for Easter? Our van Betty is currently available for the Easter weekend. She would be the perfect vehicle for driving away in on holiday. We are located in central Lincoln near the train station and very well situated for heading away to the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales or the coast. Leave your car with us and experience a life of outdoor vintage luxury.

If you want to hire a campervan and you live in Lincolnshire or the East Midlands you should check us out. Click on our campervan hire page to see what’s on offer.