Staycation in VW Campervan

cleaned campervan

Staycation this summer VW campervan style

If you are looking for a staycation in Lincolnshire or elsewhere in the UK this summer then hiring one of our beautiful vintage VW campervans could be just perfect.

In our house we are all yearning to get out and enjoy ourselves after the coronavirus lockdown. I’m sure it is the same for you. At the time of writing overnight stays are not allowable although there is nothing to stop people having day trips out (naming no names or places beginning with B and C).

We are starting to think about where we might go once all this lockdown is properly over and the campsites and pubs are open once more. Some of our favourite places are Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire and Whitby in North Yorkshire. They are two different places although we do roughly the same things when we are there: casual walks, eating and drinking.

Woodhall Spa has quite a few sites to choose from. Normally we arrive late Friday afternoon and get settled. It doesn’t take long to get sorted. Plug in the electrical hookup, pop up the roof and make the bed (we would rather have it ready to just fall into later). Sometimes we will put up the awning, especially if it is a festival and we are there for a few days. Not always though and usually not in Woodhall Spa as we spend most of the time out and about.

We go with a gang of mates, some of who also have a vw campervan, and have the same routine. Once settled we crack open the beer/wine/coffee and sit in our camping chairs around a table nestled somewhere between two of the campervans. At the appropriate moment a designated driver nips into the village to fetch a takeaway curry. It is obligatory for a few of us to go along to keep him or her company as these curries take time to get ready and we usually sit and wait in one or more of the nearby pubs.

Back at the campsite we eat, drink and are merry and eventually crawl off to bed.

The next morning it is a gradual awakening and we all once more gather around the eating area. When the time is right brekkie goes on and it is usually the middle of the morning by the time we have finished. There follows a gentle stroll into Woodhall to buy provisions for the BBQ. Another beer might be involved or maybe even just tea and cake. Later we return to the campervans and start all over again.

This is a tried and tested routine that none of us feel the need to change. It is the same when we go to Whitby except we probably replace the curry with fish and chips and the stroll is more of a hike across the wind blown clifftops, past the Abbey and down the steep sided hill into town.

Whitby can get rammed but we still like going. The walk back up the hill can be a little harder going than the gentle stroll back from Woodhall but hey…

For us both destinations are fun for a staycation. We also go to Derbyshire and have pitched up opposite the pub in Darnley Dale once or twice.

Wherever you decide to go it seems very likely that a staycation will be the thing to do. You can legally hire a vw campervan now and go out on day trips. You might also want to think ahead about where and when you might want to go when lockdown is over and we can stay overnight in places other than our homes. Booking a campsite is likely to be essential as thousands, or even millions of Brits will have the same idea.

We are making it easy for you. If you want to take a punt and reserve a campervan for a specific date, in the event of coronavirus rules prohibiting your holiday then we offer either a full refund or will be flexible in rescheduling your trip without a penalty, subject to availability of course.

So there you go. Staycation in a vintage VW campervan from Lincolnshire is where it is at 🙂 Who wants to go to Spain when you can go to Woodhall Spa? Stay safe now…

Anne’s Vans is a vintage VW campervan hire company based in the centre of Lincoln. The East Midlands location is handy for reaching lots of fun and interesting places to camp around the UK. Do get in touch if you want to discuss your options. Featured image is campervan Bertie just after being cleaned for a hire this week.