Southwold here we come

retro campervan

Southwold by the sea – campervan style

Another weekend away in our vintage VW T2 bay camper van beckons and we headed south.

It’s the weekend and it’s partaay time. We are two VW camper vans and a trailer tent in convoy for Southwold in Suffolk. We love it there. Our friends Rosie and Bill from London are meeting us for lunch in a nearby pub so that we can go on to the site together. We like to get a corral going just like in the old wild west days.

Rosie and Bill have hired a brand new &*%$ off motor home for the weekend and put us all to shame. They even have a shower. We are ok though. Our destination this weekend is just a field with some toilets and a tap for water. No electrics, no shop. That’s ok. We are stocked up and ready to enjoy ourselves.

We get to the site, check in and find a corner where we can park all four vans in a square. Ok it’s three vans and a trailer tent but it’s still a square.
On this occasion we put up the awning. This has lots of uses. First of all it’s somewhere to throw all the camping chairs and other gear when we are out and about. It’s generally a handy place to dump stuff. The awning does have an inner lining that is a sleeping compartment but we rarely use that. If the kids come with us they use their own tent.

The other use of the awning is for the porta potty. It fits discretely between the awning and the camper van so if you want to go in the night it’s easy. In the summer when we are using the awning we don’t bother shutting the van side door at night. Useful to be able to close it and lock during the day if we are out and about mind you.

The inside of the coral is where we put the bbq. Apart from boiling the kettle on these occasions the camper van cooker doesn’t get used much. It’s all about the bbq. Everyone pitches in with some meat and the sausages and bacon normally last the whole weekend. We eat them all up on Sunday morning. It’s quite nice to stay over Sunday night as well. Monday morning is then just chuck everything in the van and head home.

You don’t need to own a campervan to be able to do this. Our campervan, Betty, is for hire. She is a 1971 VW T2 bay and is a dream to drive. See our campervan hire page for available dates.

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