snow good weather for campervans

snow no good for vw campervans

Snow good weather for a VW campervan – too cold man

No VW campervans for hire this weekend. They are tucked away safely in dry storage. You would have to be crazy to want to venture forth in this weather anyway. The main picture is our back garden. There is a lawn under that snow, somewhere. I am writing this from the comfort of the sofa by the fire in our living room. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

It’s not dissimilar to sitting in front of a driftwood fire on a beach in the summer. At least the sentiment is the same. Around the driftwood fire we would be having a laugh, cracking jokes that were only funny to us, passing the bottle around and staring into the flames.

It’s been a long day out on the surf then back to the site for a shower and a chill whilst someone else does the barbecue. Only way to do it. Nothing fancy. Burgers, sausages, occasionally a bit of fish. Seems the right thing to do at the coast.

As night falls it’s back to the beach to light the fire, cmon baby. Later we wander back to the van, path lit only by the stars, slide the door shut and fall into a deep sleep. We already shut the curtains earlier 🙂 Paradise.

Next morning we are up some time after dawn. First up boils the kettle and then when most people are stirring we get the breakfast going. Bacon sandwiches with thick slices of white bread liberally spread with butter and a sauce to your liking. Have another…

The sun is up and the day is warming up nicely. No rush though. Bit of a stroll into the village maybe, just to stock up on essential supplies. More beer and a bottle of milk. Back at the campervan we slob around for a bit and maybe nod off again.

I wake up. I’m still sat in front to the fire. Outside it is still winter and the snow still deep and crisp and even. Summer can’t come soon enough!

Here at Anne’s vans we will soon be getting ready for the season. The vans will be going on a trip to Rutland Water towards the end of March, just to test everything for the coming season. If you are from around there keep your eye open for us:)

To hire a vintage VW campervan check out our hire page. Oh and here’s the fire:
log fire