perfect campervan weather

blue sky vw campervan

Perfect campervan weather

Perfect weather for a campervan trip around Lincolnshire

Looking to hire a vw campervan this week you are out of luck? Both vans are otherwise engaged, either already out in the leafy lanes of Lincolnshire, or about to go.

You only have to look at the photo that comes with this post to realise what a stroke of luck it is for our lovely hirers this week. Brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Yes folks that really is the sun up there and not something I’ve photoshopped in.

It really is perfect campervan weather. Window would down with a light breeze blowing through your face as you trundle along. Trundle is the right word here. Not race, not bomb, just trundle. A more relaxed pace of life is where it is at.

Stop for cup of tea or to pick something up from that farm shop you just passed and then arrive at the campsite, turning in to the parking area in front of reception, attracting the attention of those already arrived in lesser modes of transport.

Pootle around to your pitch, plug in the hookup if there is one, pop up the roof and you are ready for the weekend. Camping chairs out, table up and the wine chilled you have arrived. There is no rush to do anything. Lean back, face to the sun and soak in the warmth. Aaahhhh.

You don’t need to own a VW campervan to do this. You can simply hire one from Anne’s Vans. We have two; a 1978 Blue Bay named Bertie and a 1971 yellow (or orange – you choose) Bay named Betty. Arbitrary names although we think they suit the vans, beautiful vans.

We still have availability in june and quite a few gaps over the summer. If you have a date in mind just drop us a line and let’s see if we can find you a van. With weather like this what’s not to like?

Anne’s Vans is a VIntage VW hire business based in Lincoln. We are in easy reach if you live in the East Midlands and we often have hirers from the South of England who pick up a van on their way to the North and to Scotland.