New radio for VW campervan

jvc radio campervan

New radio for VW campervan – ahh bluetooth

Out with the old in with the new – campervan Bertie gets a new radio. One of the things we discovered when testing Bertie was that the radio, whilst it had a cool retro look, was actually very difficult to set up and programme. Also the manufacturer had discontinued the model and we couldn’t find the right user guide for it online. It’s no good if customers can’t hook up their phones with the bluetooth connection and the existing set was very difficult to figure out.

On this basis we popped down to IC Electronics at the bottom of Lincoln High Street, near the South Common roundabout and took some advice. It was easy enough to remove the old radio and fit a new one. All the wiring was already in place for the car kit microphone unlike our other van Betty which needed everything doing.

We had a choice between kenwood and JVC. Both brands are owned by the same company so it didn’t really matter which we chose. I went for JVC as that’s what we have in campervan Betty.
The new radio is a pure joy. I realise one shouldn’t get excited about such a basic thing but we take a lot of things for granted in life and these days being able to hook up your phone with other electronic gadgets is one of them 🙂

Now we can motor along and my husband can play his Spotify retro playlist on the campervan speakers. It’s all Beach Boys and stuff like that. Sets up the right mood as we head towards the surf. Maybe we should have an Anne’s Vans playlist on Spotify.

Don’t forget, if you want to swing by to have a look at one of our vans we are happy to show you around. Our depot is on Great Northern terrace a very short walk behind Lincoln Central Railway Station. Just give us a bit of notice. It may be that none of our vintage VW vans are in as of course the whole point of the business is that they are available for hire.

Bye for now
PS pic below is the old radio
old retro radio in vw campervan
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