Miami Beach Campervan

miami campervan

This week I am in Miami and find campervan in the bedroom

This week I am in Miami. Arrived late last night and woke up this morning to find a magazine on the coffee table with a campervan on the cover. It’s just amazing that everywhere you go you find evidence of campervan cool.

Last time in the USA it was at Venice Beach in California. Tomorrow we are venturing to Miami Beach. Today, Saturday, it’s a relaxing time around the hotel plus taking in a mall to buy some shirts. Hawaiian shirts obvs.

Hawaiian shirts go with campervans even though we don’t often get the weather in the UK, last summer excepted.

Just took a look at Vintage VW rental opportunities locally and found floridavwrentals. They have some great looking vans. Bit far from where I am but had I been anywhere near I might have popped along for a chat. About vintage VW campervans :). Looks like folk rent their vans and drive to the Florida Keys.

I’ll add more to this story if I come across a real VW campervan on my Miami travels:)

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