Isle of Man Campervan

vw T25 iom

1983 T25 in Douglas

We were strolling along the promenade in Douglas in the Isle of Man and came across this beaut of a VW T25 camper. What’s more the colour is very similar to our own campervan Betty’s paint job.
I stood there fumbling for my phone to take a pic when a couple, obviously the owners came along. The great thing about VW campervans is that their owners are always happy to stop and chat. We swapped stories about our own van.

Theirs is a 1983 T25. The T25 was manufactured by VW in parallel to the T2 Bay – a friend of ours has a 1972 T25. Betty is December 1971.

The weather in Douglas, as you may be able to discern, was not brilliant on the day we were there. We weren’t over in our van. We flew and were staying in Peel on the other side of the Island. The point where we were standing is the end of the horse tram route – we were waiting for a photo opportunity and got one we weren’t expecting with the van:) Didn’t catch the name of the chap in the pic – it’s his van. By his accent he was clearly from Ireland.

We often go and visit family in the Isle of Man and do every now and again see a classic VW camper driving around. I usually try and take a photo although sometimes I’m not quick enough. The IoM is a terrific place to that a campervan on holiday. A week is just about enough time. In fact if you can find a space on a ferry then TT week is the perfect time to visit. Lots of action and usually the weather is better (ish).

You are probably too late to book our van for this year’s TT week. I doubt you would find room on the boat. The van is just about available. She is booked for three weeks from 9th June and the races finish on that day. You would need to miss the last race.

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